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Thanks to staff from the WAGA councils in the first phase of the project (2013-2017) and all subscribing councils in the next stage for providing feedback on the development of the framework and reporting tool.

Thanks also to WAGA’s project partners, RMIT University’s Centre for Urban Research, Net Balance Foundation and Federation University Australia's CeRDI, for their advice, involvement in consultation and input into all project documents.

Victoria University supported the project through a Masters of Psychology student placement at WAGA (2015-2017), which helped to develop understanding on how to engage the community on climate change.

Monash University supported this project by allowing the project to incorporate its research which combines data on the local environment, the health status of a population and the demographic structure of a population into a heatwave vulnerability index. Heatwaves in Australia have a greater negative impact on population health than any other natural hazard and this index was an important climate change indicator to include in this project as heat waves are known to be a significant climate change risk for the WAGA region.